Tuesday, September 12, 2006

It's strange...

Having not blogged all day, I can't really think of anything too much to talk about. It was sort of the same run of the mill schooly school school, but I just didn't bitch about it in my blog like an emo LJer.

It's been frustrating with this cough. Really reminds me of last year. I almost wonder if it's just allergies again or what... Just so annoying coughing up a storm in all my classes, can't sleep...blah blah.

Hung out with Nila, who is pretty much my new best friend. We met totally at random the other day cuz I was stalking Dr. Cipris to get him to sign some paperwork for me. We meant to study, but it didn't really happen.

Crud, I should've filled out my timecard today...grrr. I guess tomorrow I will do it at the PRIDE meeting. Man, though. I feel bad. I'm going to have to not go to pretty much any of those since I am tutoring a group of students from the community college down the road from probably 6-8.

What else? Talked to my Favorite, and he seemed well. It's really weird, though, because he goes to bed before I do. I feel like the universe is really out of balance if he is tired before me. That just doesn't happen o_o I should probably be going to bed earlier, but honestly, there just isn't any reason to get up before 9 or maybe quarter to if I'm showering, and I don't really sleep more than 8 MAYBE 9 hours unless I stayed up really late or am unusually zonked.

Food is still annoying me. It was a Chinese-themed dinner night with tasty egg roll and yucky everything else...Mostly today I ate a lot of fruit, and I can tell because my tongue noticed all the sweeeeetness, mostly from the pomegranite limeade (yeah, I know o_O That's why I had to try it) I think.

I need to look on brighter sides AND also try to regain my former enthusiasm for Japanese. When I was teaching myself in high school, it was so fun. That's just what I did. It was great. I was just learning because I was interested. Somewhere along the line it became chore-like (esp here) so I need to "rewind to go forward," or what have you.

Hopefully little by little everything will come together...

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Nila said...

Woot! I am totally your friend! Rock!