Sunday, September 10, 2006

Athlete and my silly dorm

Well, I'm trying to take this more in stride and less...stupidly lol. I'm at school. Listening to Athlete (Vehicles and Animals) here as I pick up (a tiny bit) doesn't seem so bad. I had a really good weekend, even though I got kinda sick. I'm so lucky with Scott.

On the train home I talked a bit with some kid whose name I never found out. He had a hell of a time finding the bus station to take him to the train. Another fellow and I both recommended he take the BART next time. Save him a lot of money etc. I had a sandwich with really thick bread.

Man, I really love this CD.

Uh, so the train was fine. Getting a cab took longer than I would've liked. Not so bad, though, once it happened.

Now I'm just sorta here. Feel ok. Throat still irritated. Hopefully I'll be able to sleep...


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