Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Getting ahead of myself

I'm definitely going to talk about my kickass Labor Day weekend with the boy and his parents, but I don't really have enough time right now to get into it and I really don't even know if I have enough time to do THIS, since I have to be at astro lab in a half hour...but I wanted to do this instead of read or study or whatever for a minute.

So we'll say the first order of business AFTER the weekend is my new meds. Hopefully this will mean less side-effects and more happiness all around.

Second is my US Gov & Politics class. Today we talked about the structure of our book reviews. Our prof also has a degree in English lit and in fact he mentioned that the style he prefers most is George Orwell (whom I always confuse--in name only--with Orson Wells, damn them both! lol). In fact, he asked if any of us had read any of him and when I mentioned Down and Out in London and Paris (whiche I enjoyed in high school and remember nearly nothing of exCEPT that I enjoyed it) he was quite impressed. Yay. Sadly, I highly doubt my style has anything at all to do with Orwell, so we may come into some difficulty there. Fortunately, I have the rest of this week to try to emulate him, as our first review isn't due until next Tuesday.

For lunch I went over to the summit for salad and chocolate soymilk. Somewhere along the line, though, I lost my taste for chocolate soymilk, so I'm a little disappointed. It's funny, because for a while last semester I was absolutely addicted. I wanted it every single day. I would've enjoyed chocolate (regular) milk much more, but all they had was strawberry...

Well, hell, that didn't take much time at all. Maybe I do have time to talk about the weekend XD

Friday (as evidenced by the previous post) I was very anxious to get out of Stockton and into happiness with the boy, San Francisco, etc. I had to pull a severe mooch maneuver and get Sam(antha, from last year in Jessie B) to drop me off at the train station. She didn't seem to mind too terribly, but I still feel guilty. I even mentioned that when she's driving me around seems to be the only time we get to chat. Anyways, from there, things were ok, although I got hit with some fees on the train for not having a reservation etc. Funny, because other times it seems like it was cheaper to not have a reservation. Anyhow, on the way back I did and that made things simpler. Got in about...8ish? I seem to recall. It was a little stressful because I had phoned Scott's house and gotten his parents and tried to explain I was getting ON the train in Richmond in five minutes, but this was miscommunicated as arriving from Richmond in five minutes, so Scotty ended up waiting around for quite a while at the BART stop.

After dropping things off and catching our breath, all (four) of us went out for sushi at the place formerly known to cut their sashimi in huge massive rough slabs instead of nice thin strips. That was really the only reason we went there, in fact, because Scott knew his dad would appreciate lots of fish. To our dismay, they cut it normally this time and the rest of the food was sort of mediocre...but I still ate too much. Ha @_@ Upon returning to the apt, everyone got into some rather intense poltical philosophical technological everything else debate that I tried to content myself to simply listen to because I couldn't find much to add : / It was very interesting, though.

In the morning we hit up J-town for my Japanese textbooks (which now that I--

ha, I don't have time to finish this now. I'll post it anyways XD and finish later. Off to astro lab...

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