Thursday, September 21, 2006


Yesterday was...not so bad. Computer class in the morning went fine, I have no trouble in there, at least not yet. I believe I mentioned how little confidence I have in my paper, but so it goes. We haven't had a test yet. So technically, I guess what I'm saying is that I don't have trouble reading the book and answering the questions the teacher asks (which is good because the whole rest of the class, unless he specifically calls on them, is pretty mum.)

Then what, I must've done something. I can't for the life of me remember what. There was lunch, which I ate, but then I'm sure I did something or other between...OH...I remember now. I went gallavanting all over Stockton in the bloody bloody sunlight. Ok, not alllll over, but to the bank and the pharmacy. On foot. In the heat and the blaze and the surprising breeze that made my hair virtually unmanagable. Anyways, I got my stuff done and got back in time to collapse into my desk chair for a few minutes before dashing off to Astronomy.

First disappointment of the day (or at least, first disappointment that actually matters.) I got a B- on my test. One of the mistakes was a Scantron error (on my part...bubbled the wrong damned thing, but on my test copy it's clear that I had it right. The prof is scrutinizing this right now. I only asked about it since he had mentioned that the paper copy- with our work - could be used as back-up. He seems to be waffling on that now...), one was just plain stupidity; I didn't read closely enough. The rest, I just genuinely messed up on. If I get that one point back I might be in B range. If I weren't stupid I would probably have a B+. As it stands now, though, I pretty much suck. (And we'll get back to that later...) Also, since the test is the only really big thing we've had so far, my overall grade is a B- as well...

Dinner was boring.

I got to my first tutoring session a half hour early. Put up my 日本語 sign and waited for my tutee(s) to show up. Was supposed to be the Delta group. Got to be the appointed hour Delta group. I waited fifteen minutes (which is supposed to be how long we're allowed to wait and get paid for) and then fifteen minutes more (because the guy in the office was nice.) Then I left. LATER I found out that the kid had been there since 4, so the fact that I was paying attn to people coming into the center made no difference. Not sure how he missed me with the sign and the kanji dictionaries and such, but it was kind of crowded... We're going to try harder next week *sigh*

Then, since I'm done with all my work for this whole week...already, rather than just screw off I decided to get started on next week's crud. I read an entire chapter of my computer textbook and then realized that I had skipped one. (This morning I read the one I skipped, so now I won't have to read anything from there for probably a week, I imagine.) After that I took at stab at some of the problems based on the Universal Law of Gravity and stuff like that from section 4.5 of our Astro textbook. DAMN did I suck. Partially it was because sometimes the input method for the online module was a little opaque, but sometimes I just had no idea what I was doing. This is alarming. I'm really glad he's not grading this homework (with an actually grade) cuz I would fail : /

That all took a pretty long time, so I decided to just call the boy and sack out. He was unavailable, so I just sacked out. No bad dreams, in fact, none that I can remember. Just sorta uncomfortable pillow and creaky bed.

Boring story, I know, but I really wanted to give myself a break before I start my politics paper, since I've been reading, in class, or otherwise employed since about 8:30 this morning. There's no one to chat to, so I guess I'll

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Xavier said...

: ) hi Emily. So are you having fun in school? I'm amazed that you're tutoring someone in Japanese. My Japanese isn't that great for me to do that...

In fact, I usually get overly confused.

Anywho, i finished Windup Bird Chronicle and i dont know what to think of it.

The ending didn't satisfy me in the way i was hoping it to. And nothing seemed resolved because a lot of things went unanswered.

Anyway, I'm gonna read Passage to India next. I read the first two chapters and got overly confused. Everyone has an Indian name, so I couldn't tell who was male and who was female. It was confusing. : )