Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Nothing like an astronomy lab

to put one in a foul mood. Now I remember what I hated most about science. Fucking labs. Fucking working with people you never wanted to talk to EVER and now have to and explain your way of thinking in vain and they try to explain crap to you and you have no idea what they're talking about and you're all probably more stupid than a rock anyhow.

So that's not very NICE, but I'm not in a very nice mood.

Other gripes with astronomy:

-Not only do I hate labs in general, I especially hate labs on scale. Scale just makes me mad. Sure it's interesting to think about in an abstract way (e.g. "the universe is really fucking huge,") but all these weird analogies just piss me off more than anything. Mapping the solar system out on the campus lawn, in other words, did not teach me much, especially considering we've already been through the grapefruit-sized sun scale that starts in DC...

-I don't like the night sky. I mean it's nice to look at, but as a topic of study it's really just irritating. I don't want to measure degrees or draw maps. Constellations as goofy patterns, fine; constellations as the celestial united states is annoying. Learning about where the sun is in the sky or what phase the moon is in is boring to me. I feel bad about it, but it just is. I'm sure this is a big part of the reason why I quit astronomy the first time.

In fact, maybe I really DON'T find astronomy interesting. I have this idea that I do, but maybe it's just too much science and not enough...whatever else I thought would be in there.


Well, I just opted out of my first week of PRIDE work. This should give me a little more time to get my shit together. Hopefully everyone will understand. Honestly, I think I would probably just be in the way during our "renovation" anyways. I can't really move heavy things or paint...whatever. I'd probably just stand around awkwardly.

I have to make it to a variety of offices before they close, so I should get running, but DO LOOK FORWARD to the rest of the weekend's blog ramble.

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