Monday, September 18, 2006

Live from work

Yeah, wow. Three hours is kind of a long time sometimes. Like when you're in the basement of John B. and there are these weird little bugs flying all over and bumping into you every 3 minutes.

First I read the introduction to one of my new J-film books. It's one of those scholarly things that references other scholarly things, and you have to pay attention to every word and not read like normal, otherwise you miss thet whole point. She talked about how the technology of film is fused with this certain Western ideology. The "normal" way of viewing things that deep focus tech made possible in film is Western. She talked about how in Japanese art you can feel Confucian influence, but with film they adapted to thet Western style. Of course, the whole period was the "hurry up and Westernize" period, so it's not like we forced it on them.

Also, back in the day up till like the '30s they had these people called benshi who interpreted the films. Well, not only the films, but the technology of the films and the technique. It was uber foreign, as pretty much all the films shown in those days were imports. Either that or the Japanese people directing immitated the style so well that it still needed interpreting.

There were probably other things, but I forgot and it's distracting here.

My overload went through, so that's good. I also found out I will probably get my retro credits. The lady said it should be possible, in which case I CAN graduate early. At this point, though, I've gotten upset, so...whatever happens happens.

My astro test went ooooookay. I dunno. I studied a whole ton. I think it helped, but it was over so quickly...hard to be sure.

Other stuff...blah. Blah blah. Monday is nearly over ^_^ :D XD

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