Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Write it down

I had at least two ideas about something which last night seemed very important. Of course, I knew that common sense dictates you write these things down before you go to bed because you'll forget them over the course of dreaming about strange things, sleeping in general, waking up to an alarm, etc.

Did I possess anything remotely close to common sense last night?

Apparently not.

I just hope that one of them wasn't an idea of something to write for LD, because I really need to do that and I'm sort of at a loss. Especially this week, since Jeremy is gone. I had an idea last week and failed to write it down.

I also feel like I should be writing more in general. Last time I wrote fiction was at the VERY beginning of the summer, before my laptop fell into disuse for those three months since the boy's comp is infinitely more useful (having the Internet and all.) Plot just kills me, though. Have I said this already? I can do scenery and characters because it's simple description, but if I try to introduce a story it becomes either cliché ridden and disgusting, or it doesn't become anything at all.

I think the last time I tried to actually generate a decent plot was my fling with The Noodle Stringers. I still think it could be interesting, but I'm not sure why or how. It's sort of a futuristic-Western setting populated by punks and counterfeiters, and maybe our shining glimmering heroine and her not so shining and glimmering sidekick. Actually they were probably punks, too. Anyways, the currency is...noodles. All different sorts of noodles like macaroni, linguini, udon, whathaveyou. I hadn't really figured out a good hierarchy and really, there are so many types of noodles that it would be difficult to figure out how to do it. I think maybe there would be something like fiveish accepted standards and then fringe populations can do their own thing with whatever they like under the table. Ravioli could be used to smuggle...things...hmmmm. Anyhow, anyone who is making noodles is considered a noodle stringer. I also hadn't really figured out how the economy would work because pretty much anyone could make noodles, drrr... But in my mind, there were these rich stringers out...I forget where. I had a whole map drawn out of this area...all labeled and diagramed. Also the region center was very...detailed... Hmm. In fact, not having that information may preclude me from ever seriously working on this again because I can't imagine reforming the region. It had it's character and it's cowboys and whatnot. You can't redo that. Or maybe you can. I dunno.

Maybe I could work in the slip ships, somehow. The cake-eaters, though, they come from a totally different place. I'm sort of proud of them because they are the first ORIGINAL thing to come out of my obesession with Daniel Pinkwater's stuff. When I was in fourth grade I churned out pages and pages of derivative...junk, basically. It wasn't very good, didn't make much sense, and was pretty much a wholesale importation of his universe into my head. In fact, I really hope that I have that piece I wrote somewhere. I did a short thing, sort of like a sketch of them, in my freshman year of high school...which I actually liked... Maybe it's on my old laptop, which my friend in Wisconsin STILL probably has, unless he chucked it, but I can't imagine he would do such a thing.


What was I even talking about? Oh, ideas that are forgotten due to lack of common sense. I remember. You always hear people who give writing advice saying to like...carry a notebook or something. Take notes. Jot down ideas even if it's 3 am. I KNOW this, but do I DO this? Not so much. I don't think it was anything creative last night, though. Probably something for school or something for...something. I dunno. Something boring.


Not boring would be used to describe the new links! There are many in many categories. I will not link them here. Some art, some Japanese, some news, some whatever, I believe. You will find them if you want. They are there, and interesting.

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