Monday, September 11, 2006


Yeah, last night was STUPID. I officially detest my upstairs neighbors, and that is not hyperbole. They were having some sort of party or something until past one in the morning complete with drunk idiot screaming at the top of his lungs something mostly to the point of "motherfucker." GAH. These people! Banging on everything, blasting crappy music... College is so dumb. I really hope the cops came and broke it up.

After getting less sleep than I should have, I woke up and rushed a breakfast of blueberry pancakes and a sip of water before going to COMP 41. Then I came back here and had some banana bread with cream cheese. Lunch menu tells me there is lamb...

Yeah, I forgot to change my meal plan before I left, so I'm stuck at 10 a week. I don't remember if I wrote that or not. It's probably fine. Less time to waste on cooking.

Japanese is still giving me a headache. I think I need to throw out logistics and just LEARN SOME FREAKIN' JAPANESE. I feel like it's a lost cause...which is bad. I really shouldn't be allowed to think that. Actually, I e-mailed Yusuke. That was good. Haven't read his reply yet, because I'm sure it will be kanji dictionary intensive, but I feel like that will be good help...maybe...or something.

Both my jobs start this week PRIDE center MT, tutoring WR, Friday is off so I can jam out to Frisco asap.

I realized last night that my astro class is moving really fast. Am I supposed to be mastering all these concepts on the fly like this? I don't really have much of a precedent for this. Last time I took a science class was...five years ago >_< Flaming hell, though.

Tomorrow I can pick up my check, but I really should have taken more money out of my account because the amount I asked for will really only pay people back. I guess with my check from my summer job coming in, that won't be so bad... I just remembered that Contact is coming out week. That rocks so much. Hopefully I'll have my check by then and will be able to afford a slight reward for...being alive.


I'ma go get some papers signed.


~dUcK! said...

Ok, it was sorta lamb. It was also sort NOT THAT GREAT...


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