Sunday, September 24, 2006

Calendar note

Ok, so I'm always interested in making this semester seem/look shorter than it actually is. Flipping through my homework note book where every week is TWO PAGES does not do that. One thing that DOES, is the calendar my astro prof has on our blackboard site. (I would link, but you have to sign in...) It's just one quick scroll and you're down. Plus, he makes the days we've already done BLUE (not the best blue, but still, any blue is good...) which is nice. It's already been four weeks! We're on a roll ^_^

The other thing I like to do is follow the schedule in the Us Gov & Politics syllabus. It fits on a page and a half, and we're almost done with the half! XD

The best thing, though, is getting away from the school stuff. Maybe it doesn't make it seem like the semester is shorter, but it definitely stretches out the good times. I'm sooooo happy I got away this past weekend! Even though it sucks to come back, the alternative of not having gone is whole buckets of worse.

*love love love...sparkle*

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