Monday, September 18, 2006

So, yeah.

I'm making my astro three by five.

I need to pick up my room

and talk to Dr. Cipris. Apparently...

92 + 20 + 12 = 124.

What's that 12, you say? Well that would be all my retros that they didn't transfer for some God-forsaken reason. GOD SHALL FORSAKE THAT REASON NO MORE. I'm gonna have a sit-in one of these days. They're gonna feel my wrath until I get those transferred over. Watch them try to tell me that it's too late. IT'S NEVER TOO LATE.

I only need 124, not 128. SO SAYS THE DEAN.

Anyhow, I'm gonna collect my formulas and go over more astro crud. I hope this test goes well. I did pretty well on the conceptual quizzes online, so hopefully I can do as well on the conceptual quizzes in class on the actual test.

I got my Japanese film books in the mail. I have a pretty sweet idea of how I'm going to work that class:

Japanese Film

JC = A New History of Japanese Cinema A Century of Narrative Film by Isolde Standish
RJF = Reading a Japanese Film Cinema in Context by Keiko I. McDonald
JHC = Japanese Horror Cinema edited by Jay McRoy

Week of Sept 18 - JC Intro
Week of Sept 25 - JC 1
Week of Oct 1 - JC 2
Week of Oct 9 - JC 3
Week of Oct 16 - JC 4
Week of Oct 23 - JC 5
Week of Oct 30 - JC 6
Week of Nov 6 - RJF (selection 1)
Week of Nov 13 - RJF (selection 2)
Week of Nov 20 - RJF (selection 3)
Week of Nov 27 - JHC (selection 1)
Week of Dec 4 - JHC (selection 2)
Week of Dec 11 - JHC (selection 3)

Each week will have a film accompanying it. These are yet to be determined, but should go with the material covered in the chapter. I'll keep a response journal which will hopefully be informed by the readings, or at least I can compare what I thought with the thoughts of the writer. RJF and JHC all have articles on specific films so I will pick chapters and films based on what interests me.

Final - 8-10 page paper on a Japanese film-related topic whether it be a director, genre, studio, or other subject.

So the grade will be based on my journal and the paper. Maybe..70/30?

I don't even know whether all of that is necessary or not. I will talk to Dr. Cipris about this and other matters today and we'll see where the fuss lies at the end.

I feel like my entire college career is a joke.

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