Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Too momentous a bullshit to pass up

So I'm about to go to bed, right? It's probably past the time that would be good anyways, I need to get up to shower, go to the library, etc, whatever, and NOW I get the hiccups. I honestly don't remember the last time I had the hiccups. THEY WON'T STOP.

So fucking stupid.

On a more positive note, I studied and talked to Scott which cheered me up pretty well. Then I watched the end of American Beauty which I'm too lazy to link to. You probably already saw it anyways. After that I was going to just go to bed but got roped into being social, which was fine, but now it's 1 am and I have the hiccups.


1 comment:

Xavier said...

You lazy bum!

anywho, I like having the hiccups. : ) they're amusing : )