Monday, September 11, 2006

I blog too much.

You'll notice, however, that I really only blog too much when I'm upset. Things are so out of whack at school.

FOOD is out of whack at school.

I don't even know what the whack is, but it's out...

For instance, I watched them SPRAY COOKING OIL (from one of those cans) DIRECTLY ON PANCAKES this morning. One side was cooking and the other that was up got a nice dose of oil. Moral is: cook your own damned pancakes!

But I can't cook my own everything. Meal plan is meal plan is meal plan. I had chicken tacos for dinner and they were...not so great. I think from now on I'll just be sure to have breakfast at home and the other two meals (during the week) at the dining hall. As for the weekends? DAMNED IF I KNOW. I'll come up with something. Probably more macaroni to go with the rest of that ground beef and peas in the freezer.

Maybe tomorrow I'll try blogging ONCE in the evening. That is my cap. Just one time. This doesn't really help me cope so much as enable me to FEEL SHITTIER by thinking ENTIRELY TOO MUCH about EVERYTHING.

I have work soon. I sincerely hope I won't be expected to accomplish anything during that time, because I'd really like to just read my politics homework.

Then maybe I'll watch that movie when I get back...*shrug*

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