Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Hey, everyone.

I did my astro homework, how 'bout that? Perhaps next time I should ask advice on where the darkest place on campus is, cuz of course every freakin' sidewalk, lawn, and rooftop are FLOODED with damnable LIGHT.


And I didn't actually print the worksheet. Made my own. Very, uh...ghetto.

First, though, I played some DDR all by my lonesome. I failed a couple times, but only a couple. Then I did have that Snickers bar. It tasted realllly good. I'm gonna read the rest of my homework so I can go for the snooze time.

Technically, I should shower, but instead I will put it off till the morning so my hair won't look funny in computer class :D

(I realize how ridiculous it is to call it "computer class," but that only makes it more fun ;p)

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