Friday, September 08, 2006

@_@ %_% *_* &_&

That last one looks like my eyes are falling out, or are pregnant, or...are crying little fishies.

Well, I got most of my crud done last night. Still have some astro to read before then. Astro and Japanese to do. Which means I should probably be getting on that soon. Anways, I woke up early, so I feel entitled to a LITTLE screwing around.

I might have a ride to San Francisco tonight. If there's a weekend to stay home this month, this would be the one cuz there's Network Games on Saturday. Scott can't come here though, and if I really do have a ride, I'm definitely taking it.

I bought a smallish box of laundry detergent last night. I was planning on doing that this weekend, but it can definitely wait (like...another couple days lol Soon I'm really going to need...well, I probably already need underwear and socks. Dammit! V_V)

I think I'm off to the Summit for coffee. JUST COFFEE (with milk!!) I don't care WHAT kind of donuts they have *scowl* lol

Those are some boring paragraphs. Except the first they all start with I.


Xavier said...


Xavier said...

you and me and everyone we know..