Monday, August 28, 2006


Here we are back in Stockton at school. I have an apt this year/semester, so I get my own room and a kitchen. I'm pretty sure I'll be thinning my meal plan out to five a week, because cooking sounds good. There's even a couch... I have to admit, I'm pretty psyched about that. Luxury seating, oh yes.

My bed, however, is horribly lopsided.

I need to get one thing off my chest. Amtrak today, let me ride for free. Honestly, I tried to pay. I even had my money OUT when the guy came by, but he said he would come back later. Is it my fault if he never did? Or didn't notice when I just walked off the train? I suppose I could've said something to him on my way out, and I thought about it, but it's a little late to ask me to pay when I'm already on the street, isn't it? I dunno what he would've done. It was only 9 bux. They'll live. It's not as if I won't be riding them again. Am I a horrible person?

I finished reading The Demon-Haunted World on the way. Sagan made me wish I understand things better. Of course, I already wish I understood things better, but he made me wish it in a more...realistic way, I guess. I also think that his points about "basic research" being the cornerstone of innovation made a lot of sense. If I ever suddenly come into a zillion bajillion dollars, I will totally set up a fund for basic research. No curing cancer, or this or that, or coming up with fancy robots who wash your dishes. I will fund the guys to do whatever the hell they feel is worthwhile.

I remembered Ox, but I forgot hangers. That's ok, though. I'm going back on Friday to meet Scotty's parents. *EXCITED* (!!!!)

To fill in the City of Heroes gap, I've begun reading the first of...three? novels based on the game. It's campy and silly, but entertaining. I understand it's not exactly a "good book," but I really don't care :D

What else can I say? JD and I went out for Summit pizza (which is exactly the same as it always has been, which is fine, although for some reason you can't get sausage on it : /) to catch up. He looks a lot different, and I suppose I look...the same :D My hair is still a mop and I'm still relatively skinny.

So it goes.

There is an Adult Swim "screening" Sept 7 at Grace Covell with "free stuff." I don't necessarily know what this all entails, but I definitely like Adult Swim, so I'm thinking that's a go. Esp on a Thursday.

Tomorrow there is a meeting for work. Or...rather, for people who WANT to work where I used to work for all of last year. I feel like I should be high on the list of potential candidates. I know I wasn't supposed to be here this year, but since I am, I feel like I should get a spot on the roster. I was a pretty good employee, I thought.

If not that, then I will go to the meeting for the campus "grocery" (read: candy and chips) store.

I need tape so I can put up my posters. It is damned lifeless in here.

My roomies were all rather aghast at my lack of stuff. I feel sort of bad not contributing much (anything). It's all well and good to say you're "totally cool with sharing everything" EXCEPT when you don't actually bring anything to share. We may end up going three ways on a TV (once I get a job.) It seems like whoever WANTS a tv should just BUY one, though. I certainly can't see myself walking away with this tv. If NO ONE can, then we shouldn't get one. This is an issue I will bring up.

Well...that was a lot of random babble. Maybe staying up late will do that. I'm gonna read a book or play a game or something. In all probability, both, but not at the same time.

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