Tuesday, August 15, 2006


I added a cool comic.

Work will entail going to hotels, counting/unloading/watching bags, and checking many many hotel rooms. I wonder how long it will take. My first three days or so I start at 11, but after that it may be earlier because we start check-out.

I'm envious because most of the other people they hired seem to be fluently bilingual aka (half-)Japanese.

Today Yusuke and I will have coffee and watch a movie. I'm already going to be running out of money between buying clothes for work and going to see Tron on Saturday. Plus groceries. Plus...whatever. I think what I will end up doing is just keeping track of how much b-day money I spend on things that I NEED and then paying myself back later when I get my check from JTB. Contact isn't out until the middle of Sept anyways, and I can always import Earthboundage.

I don't know what to have for lunch.

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