Monday, August 28, 2006

Linking with (almost) wild abandon

So I added too many links (mostly in the art section and a couple in wonderfulity) to really talk that much about. They are wonderful and will hopefully continue to be updated.

One interesting site I found that I didn't link is: Strange Little Girls. Well, I guess I linked it now. View at your own peril. The thing is that it seems kind of interesting but then some of it could be very the post of all the crying kids. I guess maybe I've been reading too much about pedophiles, lately, but it seems like something you could get in trouble for... None of the comments on the post seemed to creepy...hmm. I dunno. On the fence...any input?

I'm gonna see if I can indie study Mark Twain instead of doing econ.

And uh...I need lunch before I embark on this afternoon stuff.

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