Sunday, August 20, 2006

Quite Busy

Friday was a total fiasco. Ten busses and the rooming lists weren't done when they arrived. We had to stand outside for a long time and it was pretty damned cold.

Yesterday was better. 7 busses, everything went very smoothly. For some reason, though, they called us to work at 3:30. We seriously sat there and did absolutely nothing for four hours. In fact, we went out for coffee, and peed. I think that is all. I'm brining video games and a book today.

Scott and I were going to see Tron, but I had a stomach ache and we were both tired, so we ended up staying home and playing video games instead. I had a lot of fun, but I still feel like I sort of wussed out. I saw the map of where the theater was and it wasn't nearly as far away as I thought it was. Maybe we should've gone. Anyways, either way, we had fun, so hopefully...that's good.

I can't believe school starts in a week. Everything is finally almost set up. I have an apt and roommates and most of my books or anything, though. Jeez. I didn't even think of that. I have to figure out how I get my keys and things. The first couple days will be quite stressful, I'm sure, but I think at the end of that week I get to come back to San Francisco to chill with my Scotty.

Other than that? Video games, pancakes, thrift stores. THE WORKS.

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