Friday, August 04, 2006

"Santa Cruz, you're not that far..."

"No, you're not that far."

Yeah, pretty much whenever I am traveling I have to listen to The Thrills - So Much for the City, but this time it was a little more relevant than usual because I was going to...

SANTA CRUZ...but I'm getting a bit ahead of myself.

Yesterday morning early early early Scott straggled home from the office, packed his bags, and (pretty much) left directly. I zonked out again for another couple hours and then woke up to my alarm going off. My first thought was, "Oh, I must have to wake Scott up for something," but then I realized he wasn't there : / Then I realized I was supposed to get ready to meet Randy for coffee.

We chattered and had some rather mediocre coffee water. Mine was supposed to be chocolate macadamia flavored *shrug* I guess it made some vague intimations...but other than that *shrug shrug shrug*

Then I bustled around, ran a couple errands, met one of Scott's co-workers who will be holding down our fort while we're gone, and hopped a Greyhound south. It was a very nice bus with seemingly new upholstry, not too crowded, and quite fast (not to mention direct) compared to the Stockton-Frisco run (which if you recall, goes through...SACRAMENTO >_<)

Hanging out with Ian has been cool so far. I really like his house. It's tiny, but not in a cramped way, more in a compact efficient sort of way. He has a big futon bed I can sleep on, while he climbs up to the loft, for instance. Also, the dish rack is hung above the sink (which is also handy since then they don't drop on the counter, but into where the water SHOULD go :D)

Mostly what we've been up to is playing video games so far. He has quite a few, many of which are new for me. I'm keeping track of that in my 1up blog.

Also, he has a kickin' MacBook Pro (which he bought refurbished for a quarter cheaper than it should've been.) I'm not familiar with this browser, though, so I'll add links to everything later if I feel so inclined...

*lazes about*

Ian made a pizza from scratch yesterday (dough, sauce, and all.) It turned out AWESOME. He also whipped up some amazering eggless chocolate chocolate chip (with cream cheese frosting) cupcakes. Quite handy in the kitchen, he is.

One thing I learned is that volumizing shampoo doesn't work. Another thing I learned is that I never want to put it in my hair again!! ;p Just imagine me...poofier than normal *cry* lol Nah, it's not too extreme, but I can definitely tell the difference. Had to borrow the shower after a travel-y day, but I think next time I'll use the other shampoo. It's just that I didn't read the bottle until after I had squeezed it out, and didn't want to waste it : /

We started watching The Great Dictator (Chaplin, ne) last night, but I got too sleepy to really enjoy it, so we'll finish it when he gets back from work. Yeah, he's at work until 1, but all that means is that I get quality time with the video games (and can play all the one player I want without feeling like I'm being boring.)

What I've seen of Santa Cruz so far has been pretty nice. For some reason wherever I go in California I feel like it is exactly what I expected it to be. I don't even know what I expect things to be, but even when I first arrived fresh off the plane from Wisconsin I thought, "Yep, this is definitely California." I wonder where all these preconceptions come from and why they are all right... Santa Cruz has a cute main drag, lots of hotels, and somewhere, a beach. This morning I am just chilling, but I don't know what the plan for the afternoon is. Then tomorrow Ian has to work most of the day, so I should probably get out at least a little. That is assuming I can pry myself off the gamez.

heh ;p

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