Monday, August 07, 2006

A quick run down (and some happy sparkly bits)

of the radicality that is the finale to this weekend:

Saturday night we ended up out with Ian's friend Chris for some tasty Mexican food. I had chicken fajitas and THEY WERE TASTY. Then we watched one of the best movies OF ALL TIME, Chungking Express.

Sunday morning it happened that Ian discovered a DREAMCAST had arrived in the mail, so I finally got to play Rez and Space Channel 5. Then we multiplayered a bit on the 'cube (Mario Kart and Smash Bros.) before heading downtown. He showed me one of the thrift stores he likes and a board/role playing game store. We sat around the bus stop for a bit prior to my embarking on the three hour trip home.

I mused a bit on the bus.

Upon returning home I saw, to my eternal astonishment and delight, that our house guest had cleaned the whole place. ("Instant karma," says the boy.) There was much rejoicing. We had pizza 'n beer (that I bought...yes, my first ID-backed purchase of alcohol. Awwww...) and checked out the movie Ong-Bak: The Thai Warrior, recommended by my brother. It was pretty good. Much jumping and kicking.

The other perquisite of everything at the moment is that I get to have a pet for a couple days! He is a cute and friendly white and brown rat. I just fed him some nuts and seeds and crackers which he is munching contentedly. Sparkles! He likes to climb around on hands and pee on electronics. (*shrug* I have no idea.)

So, everything pretty much roxxorz, unless you count school and money and all that sort of crudbuckety nonsense.

"Crudbuckety nonsense..." I think I like that.

Very glad to be back in Frisco, even though I had a good weekend. It really felt like coming home :D


Ian said...

There are very few things better than finding a Dreamcast in the mail. Most especially, there are very few things better to find in the mail than a Dreamcast.

Maybe we should establish a national "Mail a Friend a Dreamcast Day"

~dUcK! said...

Ha, that would be the absolute roxxor. I could totally use one...