Wednesday, August 09, 2006

3 Dreams

1: I was given an NES. It didn't really look like an NES, more like a Playstation. I guess it was like a rerelease, because, yeah, it could play not only cartridges, but CDs and DVDs as well. I got Final Fantasy, Megaman, Megaman 9 (which doesn't exist), Super Mario Bros., and some other stuff including Kid Icarus, which I've never seen and must've made up the gameplay for. No Castlevania, though : / Only had one controller, too, so I couldn't play Mario with whoever was with me...I think my brother or someone.

2: I was on my way to my first day of work, nearly there with no time to turn back, when I realized I was wearing the scrubbiest clothes I own. It was only a meeting, so I figured it would be better to show up hobo-y than not at all, but gah...gotta make sure I have some nice-ish clothes on Monday.

3: I was in gym class and we were playing this strange variation on soccer where you had to roll the ball into these circles painted on the ground. We were playing on a soccer field so sometimes people would forget and start streaking for the goals. Beforehand we had to "warm-up" by seeing if we could jump to this spot in the middle of one of the circles. I had to wait for EVERY SINGLE KID to try and then when it was my turn I was standing there ready to go in front of everyone and I did it, but then he started the game and everyone laughed at me cuz I was in the middle of the field. I don't think the teacher liked me much. There were all sorts of kids I used to know like one of my neighbors whom I didn't really get along with and one of my friends (with white-blond hair) from elementary school. I scored once and then was going to again, but the circles were color coded according to teams (there were three or four.) We were orange, so a green circle wouldn't count...


Ian said...

There was so a Megaman 9...sort of. 1-6 were on NES. 7 was on SNES, and 8 was on Playstation and Saturn.

There was another SNES game (well, it only came out in Japan, so technically an SFC game) called Rockman & Forte. It was rereleased for GBA as Megaman & Bass, and though it was really more of a side-game, it did come after Megaman 8, and it was very much a traditional Megaman game.

The sounds were borrowed from Megaman 7, the art style was borrowed from Megaman 8, and the new additions to gameplay (most notably, dual characters and a branching progression) were borrowed from the X series.

This was well after the launch of the separate X series (which debuted in the early 90s on SNES; Megaman & Bass wasn't released until '98, making it one of the very last Super Famicast games), but it does wrap everything up nicely by making X both a further-future rebirth *AND* the tenth (X) Megaman game in canon.

So yeah. Just a little needless history lesson ;)

Ian (again) said...

Damn; I've been spending too much time on Dreamcast sites. That fourth paragraph should say "Super FamiCOM." Super Famicast is an SNES/SFC emulator for Dreamcast >.<

~dUcK! said...


No, I know. I looked up a list of all the Megaman games. It's just not CALLED Megaman 9, Megaman 9. We could call it "the 9th Megaman game," but in any case, it wasn't for the NES.