Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Well, after having astronomy yesterday, I decided that I'm definitely taking that class. Prof seems really cool and I'll be able to live down dropping it my...freshman year was it? Anyways, I'm much more motivated this time.

About fifteen minutes before US Gov & Politics started this morning I decided I'd rather do that than Econ, so I ran out the door to see if it was worthwhile. Unexpectedly, the course will be taught exactly how Carl Sagan said it should be in that book I recently finished. We're going to be picking apart the constitution and then writing our own. This means lots of groupwork, presentations, etc, but it seems like I will be quite a bit more informed on the running of things after that. If I really do read magazines at the library like I always intend, then maybe I'll become more politically aware as planned!!

So those two. I have Japanese at 3. The rest is up in the air until I talk to Dr. Cipris. If he says I can graduate after this semster I will add a Japanese independent study and Great Ideas in Computing. If NOT, I'm going to do an elective independent study of Mark Twain (which regrettably will NOT count for my American GER, which is why I'm taking US Gov & Politics.)

One Semester: Two Semesters:
Astro Astro
Computing Mark Twain
J-indie -----
J indie
Tech (something like Computing)
Philosophy? Physics? Something else...

Yeah, I'm definitely going to take a full complement of classes second semester (if I have to stay.) Might as well get the most out of things. Not sure what the fourth class would be. Philosophy would be interesting. I never did get to take a philosophy class...

This afternoon I will buy notebooks and textbooks for Astro and US. There are FIVE books for the US class. Only one for Astro, but it costs OVER a hundred dollars. $_$

Still not sure what to do about meal plan. One of my friends in an apt a couple doors down mentioned that it's not worth it to get a five meal plan, that it's actually more expensive than getting single meals whenever (which I think costs seven bucks a pop. When you think that all I really grab when I go in there half of the time is a sandwich or a bagel...I could really be doing better for myself here.) I just need to grocery shop, I think, and then decide. Today for lunch I went to the Summit since the dining hall was so packed. The Summit was JUST as packed. I had sweet chili salmon and cold soba noodles. It wasn't very good despite the sound of it. Washed it down with a "coffee" flavored Starbucks frappuccino. Still tired, heh.

I think I'm going to head over to Baun (the fitness center, ne) today and see what the extra curriculars are this semester. If I can fit a yoga into my schedule, that might be cool. I'd like to be doing something, anyhow. Not biking at 6 am, though, that was not my thing...

The only other thing I can really say is that I don't inTEND for my blog to turn into my publically accessible calendar or to-do list. That said, I like to put things down on "paper" as I think it through, and this is my blog... I would like to be doing something with my Japanese blog (linked somewhere on my sidebar), but I'm not sure what. It's really boring just simplifying "what I did today" as posted here into something that I can say in Japanese there.

Hopefully there will be some shining moments of intelligence here...or something.

Anyhow, heading out.


~dUcK! said...

Oh, and I forgot to mention the EXTREME WILL POWER going on right now. There are free hair-cuts downstairs. I'm so so so tempted. I'm just on the fence about the whole thing. I love having short hair and being "a girl with short hair," but at the same time I'm sort of enjoying the mop (when it's not in the way) and I mean, it's almost pony-tailable. I'd feel guilty if I cut it all off before then...


You see the dilemma.

~dUcK! said...
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Xavier said...

I thought your post was very interesting. I'm glad you're so excited about your classes. Makes me excited for school to start too. :P

Sorry for Astro book costing loads of money. Maybe check on half.com . You could prolly save like $20 there including shipping.

~dUcK! said...

wow...wysidnwyg...(definitely not)