Friday, August 25, 2006

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"But surely readers expect critics to be better informed than themselves? Isn’t that what they’re paid for? Are not expertise, insight, wit, honesty and integrity the requirements of a good critic? Too often now such qualities are regarded suspiciously as evidence of an excessively arty, serious, snobby and ‘pseudy’ attitude to what, after all, is only entertainment. That’s why ‘the common touch’ is now favoured."

Argh, this is how I feel when I write anything!
Especially history essays.


Apparently I'm done with my job. That means my last night was a good night, completely with karate screaming porter power, a creepy guy, a pregnant lady, and too many cookies. Everything went very smoothly, though I was the only temp there. In fact, I think it was the earliest I've ever gotten off on a check-in night.

Yesterday was my day off and I went to Yusuke's house for lunch/dinner. It was amazing. A real dinner party! A bunch of his friends came and cooked from scratch all this awesome Asian food. A Vietnamese guy made rare (not that rare) beef with lemon dressing, another appetizer with shrimp, and this beef main dish, all with sauces made by hand. A Korean girl made this awesome fried noodle dish with carrots, mushrooms, spinach, and pork as well as a spicy soup with tofu. Yusuke made (my favorite of the bunch) Japanese fried chicken and bok choy in garlic. There was also tea, sparkling apple cider, grapes, and mint chocolate chip ice cream for dessert (my idea.)

We had such a great time. It's really cool to hang out with people from all different places. We talked about ディスニーランド and マック, also how in Korea apparently Pizza Hut is a fancy restaurant. Then we watched Only Yesterday, which is one of my favorite Ghibli films. So happy!

I went to bed kinda early and slept wayyyy too much, aside from some early morning unpleasantness. Anyhow, it is just way more fun to cuddle than to fill out myspace surveys. Apparently I'm supposed to help with moving stuff today for Jenn who is in Washington. There is a van. I thought it was supposed to be here by now, but she said she would call...


Hope I didn't miss it.

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