Thursday, August 17, 2006

JTB land

Today was my first REAL day of work. Honestly, it was a lot better than I expected. I have NO idea what I'm going to wear tomorrow, but I'm not dreading going aside from that minor point. Even though it's pretty tiring, I really enjoyed it, and at the end of the night when all the bags are being delivered after you tag them, you feel like you really accomplished something, which is more than you can say about some jobs.

I worked at the the Crowne Plaza hotel today. Actually, it was a little goofy, because they had us go into the office FOR NO REASON at 11 am. We sat there for a half hour and then went to our respective hotels. When we arrived they told us there was nothing for us to do, and to come back at 3. So we all went to lunch, but then I got a call saying that I should go to a different hotel where we, for the most part, did nothing. Then we had to put some inserts in a free touristy guidebook dealio. There were a hundred some to do, but there were a bunch of us folding and stuffing, so it was fine. Then we sat some more. It's really hard to complain about being bored when you're getting paid, though...

Finally it was almost 3, so we headed back to the Crowne Plaza to...stuff more hand-outs. That was great, ha. There were various other tasks, and the afternoon was whiled away talking in English or (listening in) Japanese, a Starbucks run, checking hotel rooms, arranging keys, and then I had to go buy a cake! It was someone's birthday. I was really glad they let me go. I volunteered because everyone else was busy and I don't think they thought I could handle it, but I did. W00t! And then I got candles. (Someone named Kaori's birthday...)

Finally, after all our careful preparation, it was SHOW-TIME! At 7:30 the busses started pulling up. We were doing five. The porters unloaded the luggage and it was our responsibility to compare the tour ID on the bags to a list of room numbers and tag them all accordingly. This was the most hectic part of the day, but also the most fun. You have to be quick, but accurate. At the end we were missing a bag, but it turned out that someone had tagged it and just not marked it down. Just to double check three of us (lol) were going to go up to the 12th floor to make sure it had been delivered correctly. The elevator was taking too long, so one of the others suggest we run up 12 flights of stairs. I thought he was joking, but suddenly they both took off towards the door, so I followed. As the door was closing behind us I heard the elevator ding its readiness-- as if we cared any longer ;p Of course, by the 12th floor, we were all staggering and barely breathing. I came in second place.

Oh, and the bag was there XD

After that, we were officially done. Many おつかれさまでしたs were exchanged, and I left...only to return moments later since I forgot my bag XD On the way home I was very hungry and not quite sure what I would eat upon my arrival at the apt, so I decided to treat myself to some tasty (but not excessively expensive) foodage. Chicken quesadilla was had, and it was UBERDELICIOUS. There are leftovers for the boy, so I hope he gets home soon. (Even when I work, he is still busier.)

Anyhow, this pattern (with a few changes, unique events taken out, and check-out's added starting on saturday in the mornings) should continue for the next two weeks. I was a pretty daunted earlier, but now I feel pretty confident. Also, it's great to be surrounded by so much Japanese. I wish I was as fluent as everyone else, but the times I can think of something in Japanese quick enough make me happy. Sometimes I don't always understand, but for most of the times like that, there are times where I feel surprised to be following, so hopefully that means I'm improving...or...something.


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