Monday, August 21, 2006

Attack of the dress pants

Yeah, the kind that come up to your RIBS >_< They're really cool as far as dress pants go, but totally uncomfy. Not exactly a hit in the newest style. They're also itchier than I thought.

Today is the Marriot again. I really thought that it was only a check-OUT today, which probably wouldn't meant the afternoon off, but instead it seems we will be there all day, or at least I will, since my partner has to leave for a class.

Last night I saw the movie Primer. Wasn't really in the right frame of mind, and it definitely deserves a second viewing. Got some twisty bits. Anyhow, the website seems worth checking out as well, but I have to get going to work soon...or now. I also need coffee...

As nice as it is to have something to do everyday, I do sort of wish it wasn't EVERY day. Working the weekend was a little depressing, esp since it's my last full weekend in San Francisco before school starts >_< Thursday I get to be at home, but of course Scott will still be working. I have a project for LD to do, though, and should probably start getting ready for...


Bleh bleh bleh. I just want to have fun...or something.

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