Monday, August 28, 2006

Because there is no better way to cure midnight pizza burns

The roof of my mouth was not a happy camper this morning after my cereal and banana. All beat up and throbbing raw. Thankfully coffee, chocolate, and ice cream has amended all of this and more.

Or something.

So, it was really damnably cold last night, didn't sleep much, though I wore many clothes and my shoes. Today I will have blankets, so it won't be such a problem. The air is turned off now, too. Yeah, it's actually sort of WARM in here, now. Whooooo.

Went to the library. Picked up a bio of Mark Twain that I noticed at Cody's once day a while back. Also A History of the United States and Media Mythmakers. Should keep me busy after I finish The Web of Arachnos, which if I neglected to mention already, I am somewhat guiltily enjoying. much crud to do today that I don't really want to think too much about it until I have to go do it. Unfortunately there isn't too much I can get done RIGHT AT THIS SECOND, so I'll just be content to chill until I feel up to picking up the second of my two packages (got my bedding a bit ago...needed a break...)

It seems that I had more to say, but maybe I was making that up. Off to the internet.

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