Thursday, August 10, 2006

I'm not very good at sleeping.

Yesterday FINALLY got cool when Scott came home and we went over to Jenn's new place. She needed help getting her stuff out of her car, so we pitched in to get it done, but not without pizza, alcohol, and a really crazy Thai Western movie (with a surreal hand-tinted color scheme to it) first. It was midnight on our WAY to the store, so by the time we got back with our foodage and started the movie...who knows? I lost track of time completely. All I know is that we didn't go to bed until 7 this morning and despite being totally zonked, I didn't sleep very well and was wide awake at noon.



There are so many stressful things, and they all seem to be very...not something I'd like to stress over. Not that I enjoy stressing, but lately I'm really envious of people with actual lives instead of the stupid college slog. Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.

My mom said I should skip the job I finally got and concentrate on making sure I have a place to live for school. There is a certain amount of sense in that, but only a certain amount. It's not going to take me two weeks to go down to Stockton one day and look at a couple apts. Also, I almost want to take this job just on PRINCIPLE to make it seem like maybe I did SOMETHING responsible this summer. Of course, the lazy side of me who especially dislikes doing things that don't relate to my career aspirations would be fine with not taking this short little stub of a job and relishes the license to do so. Do you think it would be better for me to study harder and watch foreign movies for a couple weeks instead of playing gopher? That said. I am flat flat broke. It'd be nice to have some cash to look forward to.

And then I remember how in debt I am and how riddled with payment my future will be. My income will be hollowed out completely and I will be left with such a dainty shell of cash that the slightest unforseen expense will shatter my standard of living.


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