Wednesday, August 02, 2006

My Guilt

I am the one who said no!!! I am!!! I admit it! I'm sorry! I didn't mean to. I was so confused. Who is this freak they have writing the boy's preview? Why didin't I realize the end was sarcastic when I read it the first time! I think in my confusion I skimmed. The door mention would've tipped me off. Oh the sighing.

Everyone go click yes :D

On the other hand, this is much better. Click on that, too.

Let us also take this moment to say some other words:

I'm going to Santa Cruz tomorrow for a fun-filled weekend of DSness etc and veggie food. How roxxor it will be.

Today is library and laundry. I think maybe I will not go to the civic center one. I think instead I will go to the one on Green, or maybe the Chinatown branch. I just don't have much interest in heading down that other way...

I'd also like to study some Japanese today. I know I keep harping on slacking, my lack of stupidity!!! I'm actually going to study today...CROSS MY HEART (no hoping to die, though, that's no good)

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