Thursday, May 31, 2007


Just met with Shin after taking a few weeks off. He went on this awesome hostel trip around the south us, stopped off in Mexico, etc. Sounds really fun. We talked about a bunch of stuff and I got really excited about my trip this September. Actually started investigating the possibility of doing a homestay for like a month. Go for all of September, meet up with the boy and the 1Up people for TGS. Sounds pretty ideal. I would miss the boy a ton while I was gone, but it's a really great way to do it, I think. Definitely cheaper than a hotel.

Anyways, I got really excited. Trying to think of how to plan everything. Really shouldn't though. Shouldn't even be blogging. I've putzed around for almost an hour when I have a TON of work to do.

Gotta get going on that stuff...


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