Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Last Shopping

Well, I pre-ordered my movie. Snagged the limited edition plus a used copy of Nobody Knows for the amount it would've cost me to get just the limited edition set elsewhere. Expensivewhere. Was 2004 just a kickass year for Japanese cinema? Are they still making awesome movies like this?

Anyways, I'm pretty psyched. Unfortunately, this is going to have to mark the end of me buying fun things...forever. Or at least until I'm either 51 or have a high paying full-time job : / June is near at hand and that means loans. Loans loans loans. And groceries. And laundry. This is how my hard-earned cash will be spent. Maybe if I start a penny jar I can buy a manga or something once in a while *sniff*

*sigh* Am I a spoiled brat?

Today we made curry and it tasted pretty good. Yeah, went with the curry. I'm glad we did. Just have to think of something to do with the yam noodles. We also have eggs and things for tomorrow's breakfast, which I'm happy about.

Uhmmmmmm, gonna play more MMOs now.

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