Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Hobby Time

I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed as all of my interests JOSTLE VIOLENTLY for my attention. The cookbooks in the cupboard above the fridge raising a horrible clamor now that the dishes are mostly clean, and especially after my recent escapades (for example, yesterday's awesome eggy-polenta-cheese-turkey sausage stack, mango arugula salad lunch) in Whole Foods.

It's one of those grocery stores you can spend an hour in just wandering around looking at the deli, the cereal aisle, the cheese...spread (XD), the bakery. It's not that I pay so much mind about organicity (coinage time!) or herbal remedies or toothpaste that isn't ADA approved (although some of them are...), I just like interesting foods that vary my diet because varying your diet is healthy! (So is attempting to avoid fried rice at anime club, but it's MORE effective when it actually works...) I think we're having a shopping trip this weekend, but we shouldn't need to buy beef because there will be plenty of beef to buy when Nijiya has their meat sale day on Tuesday (next.)

Speaking of things Japanese, however, there lies a whole other frenzy. Otaku USA, with this fellow (whose blog I started reading originally because I liked the name), apparently comes to A STORE NEAR ME June 5. I'm very excited about this. I'm still meaning to get back into the swing. It was always frustrating in high school to read descriptions about awesome anime and manga that I would probably never see, and it still probably will be, but it's still just as interesting. And, I mean, if it's anything like his blog, it should be quite entertaining.

But yeah, my anime DVDs may just start leaping out of my CD cases into my computer and DEMAND to be seen. Cheaper import mangas tease me from Kinokuniya "If only you were fluent! But maybe we could be decent practice! You'll never know unless you tryyyyy..." but I have bills to pay and MMOs to play!

How many am I playing now? City of Heroes/Villains, Lord of the Rings Online, Lineage II, Dungeon Runners (shortly) and as soon as possible Tabula Rasa? It's all very good experience and fun to boot, but when does that leave me time to read up so my writing improves? Or try to think of features to pitch to The Escapist, since apparently that's what you want to do if you really want to write about video games (which I do, all localization aspirations aside--and they kind of sauntering over there.)

It's all very exciting, but it's also all very time and money intensive. And Odin Sphere shipped yesterday :D And I'm really enjoying Black Swan Green. Annnnnd I'm supposed to be looking up stuff about some movie tie-in games. BUT DON'T FORGET TO GO TO WORK AT 3 AND CASHIER YOUR EVENING AWAY!!!

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