Monday, May 28, 2007

Resolution #...errm...many

So this Friday I'm designing (and implementing) a summer J-study schedule. Not that "summer" actually means anything anymore besides, well, it doesn't even really mean that hot of weather because San Francisco is so breezy. Basically it means the months of June-August. I'm going to set some goals and try to actually meet them. For realz.

Not coincidentally, September is the Tokyo Game Show, which I am attending this year courtesy of my Dad and whatever cash I can scrounge up between loan payments and, you know, being alive. And new anime magazines... And...yeah. So, Japan on a budget, but nonetheless Japan. Probably the best way to do it anyhow, as usual.

The POINT is that maybe my Japanese will magically be whipped into shape this summer with a combination of concentrated effort and screwing off with Japanese friends. I have some of those, right? Well...sort of!

So yeah, my blog will keep me accountable ;D You read it here. I'm starting on Friday, so expect some updates as long as I don't start sucking before then.


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