Monday, May 14, 2007

Serbia won and other news

No one knows how. Yadda yadda. Germany didn't even make top ten, or twelve, or much of anything. Oh well. Was still interesting. I don't really have much else to say besides that. In fact, I don't have much else to say at all since I'm going to be posting about my NEW COMPUTER in my other blog later. Since of course, new computer means GAMES. Pretty games. Running. At speeds that aren't reminiscent of molasses.

I have a couple assignments to finish up before I head out for Austin on Wednesday, and of course there is this afternoon's requisite cashiering activities. Whatever.

The house is almost clean! I'm not sure how our new arrangement will work out yet, but I'll probably post pictures later so you can all get a taste of will be.

In the meantime I'm planning on finishing The Odyssey before I head out so I can take an actual book with me. Reading on a computer is grand and all, but it doesn't provide the oh-so-important BREAK FROM THE COMPUTER that reading a book does. It's also not as portable, at least in my new and fancy case.

Probably going to finally get around to some books I've had stacked up for a while, although I really want to read LOTR. I think I have a good idea of the order I'll go in, though. Now that that history book is out of my hair for a few weeks I'll have some time for novels. I need a novel.

Anyone have any ideas what I should download to trick out my new PC? OBVIOUSLY already surfing on Firefox. Got AIM (5.9), was going to get Yahoo IM, but they have a new in browser thing that I may just keep using, although can someone tell me how to change my avatar? That fakey me I made years ago is looking pretty lame, not to mention inaccurate. Should probably get Winamp, too, huh. I dunno. Let's have some ideas.

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Anonymous said...

Ian's list of free programs that should be on any Windows PC:

- Beats of Rage
- Cave Story
- Code Red
- King's Quest remakes
- Half-Life 2D
- Mu-Cade
- Neverball
- Ninja Loves Pirate
- Noiz2SA
- Scorch3D
- ScummVM
- Switchball
- TetriNET
- Torus Trooper

- Alcohol 120% (for burning that Dreamcast homebrew!)
- Audacity
- Blender
- Democracy Player
- Firefox, with Adblock and Filterset.g updater
- The Gimp (or GimpShop, if you're a Photoshop convert)
- iTunes
- Nero (this is the only non-free program on the list, but it probably came with your computer anyway)
- Thunderbird (if you don't use web-based email)
- Trillian
- WinRAR