Monday, May 07, 2007

All my life these past couple of weeks

Well, outside of a fantastic amount of LOTRO, I actually have been up to some interesting things. LAST weekend, we ended up out at a b-day party in the park on Sunday freezing our brains out. Ok, maybe just my brains. Everyone admired my purple lips and then we went to Jeremy's house to check out some Odin Sphere. Holy crap, Odin Sphere. I can't wait for that game. Looks really hardcore and I'm not sure if I'll really be able to play it, but I'm gonna try.

Last week anime club was really great. We watched more Bubblegum Crisis, Kaleido Star, and then checked out the ONE subtitled episode of Game Center CX we could find, where he played some hideous Transformers game. Also featured was Oruchuban Ebichu, about a housekeeping hamster with a dopey working chick owner who has the sleaziest boyfriend on the planet. Doesn't keep them from having tons of explicit sex though, well, I mean not his sleaziness. It's the hamster that sees to interrupting.

Did another Fury preview, this time for GamePro. Not sure when my stuff will go up there, as I haven't even filled out the paperwork yet.

UHM...Then I guess we can skip to this past weekend because I can't remember what else happened last week. There was one week where I went to this overtly vegetarian restaurant with Marc. Had the Spicy Gourmet Chicken, which was very good at first, like...while we were eating it, but then later I had this horrid fake meat aftertaste that I couldn't get rid of, even after brushing my teeth. I did like their fried banana done crepey style, though. I think I would go back and just not order anything with fake meat. If I want meat I will just eat meat. That said, there's nothing wrong with tofu and veggies once in a while.

So this past weekend we had a great Saturday out in the Sunset eating Japanese food. Had lunch at Kitchen Kura which I see has very mixed yelp reviews. I for one, thought it was great. Had katsu curry. I haven't had tonkatsu since probably Paris, so it was DELICIOUS. The curry sauce was also wonderful, although there was a curious absence of potatoes and carrots with a curious presence of beef. Thumbs down on the salad dressing, but everything else was great. I would definitely go back there.

Between lunch and dinner the boy and I went to Amoeba to look for a record his dad wanted a copy of. No success, but then we e-bayed one, so it turned out ok. Unfortunately some jerk pushed the price up a bit on us, but it wasn't outrageous or anything. Also lounged in the park, took a stroll down Haight street, etc. What else do you do in the Haight? I mean besides sell pot if that's your thing. The "nugget" guys outside McDonald's are always good for a laugh.

Dinner we had at the awesomely awesome awesome Goemon. In fact, we had stopped at this place the night of that b-day party, and I resolved to return the following weekend (being this past one.) Ordered...what did we order? Oh, just a sushi combo. No rolls this time, well that's not true, it came with a California roll, but it always bugs me when restaurants throw in a California roll with everything. It's like super sizing. Why do I need that roll? I just want my nigiri! Heh, anyways, I got the combo because I wanted the salad and soup. The miso there was unlike any I had ever had, with onion (not green) and my friends even got carrot or something! (The carrot was given to me as compensation for the lack in the curry at lunch.) Anyways, freaking awesome sushi. Also had some tempura which I haven't had in ages, very crunchy, golden, tasty shrimp. So I guess all in all it was the day of Japanese fried foods I haven't had lately, with some fish rice and salad and curry lol but it was so awesome.

Came home and watched John Carpenter's The Thing and Rikki-Tikki-Tavi. Enjoyed the latter more than the former, not that The Thing wasn't a good movie, just that it was a bit gory for my tastes. Ok, a lot gory. Very fucking gory. I watched the whole thing, though, so pretty soon I will be a horror movie pro. Rikki-Tikki-Tavi was the perfect come down, though. Soooo adorable. I love old cartoons.

Yesterday was just sort of a hang-around day. Very hot out. There was ice cream and steak etc. I'm playing mana games like gangbusters to get ready for the podcast tomorrow. I hope I will be able to say witty and intelligent things *_* Children is much better than Sword, I can say that much. Dawn just kinda sucks, even in its prettiness. 2 is the best, although one is charming as hell and 3 is respectable. Need to try my hand at some Legend before tomorrow. I guess maybe tomorrow morning. In fact, tomorrow all day before the podcast I could play that if I wanted. It's not like tomorrow is MONDAY or some crud like that where I have to go cashier for half my life.


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