Monday, September 01, 2008

A really great time at tennis today

despite the post work-out burrito being less than awesome. (I'm tempted to write my first yelp post so that others aren't tempted by the location of this taqueria. How can you go wrong with 18th and Valencia? Who knows? I wonder if that's how they stay in business. Not that it was BAD, but there are far better places.) Sorta wish I had sucked it up and walked another couple of blocks with the last of my useful silver change.

Anyways, we played at Dolores for a change and what a beautiful day. Labor Day, so everyone was out and about. The line at Bi-Rite was typically long and the park was packed full of picnickers. The wait for a court went surprisingly quick, though. We sat behind a couple of adorable little girls playing. I would guess maybe...7 year olds? 8? I dunno. I don't see enough kids.

When we got on the court the really cute one (shoulder length black hair in tight waves, fuchsia cargo shorts and a t-shirt) asked if it was our first time playing there. She was so precocious and adorable. When I said, "No, have you played here before?" She answered. "Yes. Are you a boy or a girl?"

Hahaha, I love kids. They can never tell! "I'm a girl."

"Oh, cuz you have short hair and look like a boy." To be fair, I wear my boy shorts to tennis because the deep pockets carry lots of balls (no...pun...intended...*snicker*)

"That's ok," I said.

I sort of hope I run into her again. I'd like to make friends with such a cute and outgoing kid.

It was very sunny and quite windy, but we played about an hour and a half. Or maybe just an hour. Not sure how long we were waiting. Got some good shots. I think we really are a pretty good match. I hope I'm not just saying that, but I guess he wouldn't want to keep playing with me if he didn't feel like he gets anything out of it.

I love San Francisco. Xav always says it sounds like I'm trying to convince myself, because I remark on the sentiment so often, but man, being out on days like today is just the greatest.

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