Sunday, September 14, 2008

M&Ms Premiums

I meant to blog about how awesome tennis with Anatoly was this week, since we played some actual games, and even doubles with this really friendly older couple.

BUT instead I'm going to point out this FABULOUS quiz (hurr) that you can take at the website of M&Ms Premiums (which come in flavors like mocha, triple chocolate, and mint). I'm not quite as outdoorsy as they think I am, but I like that they called me "clearheaded." It's pretty much completely offensive, as the whole thing is marketed towards girls--not just girls, but the girliest girl girl girls in the universe. Josh stumbled upon the official site by clicking a banner ad (Premium M&Ms? Are they made with Swiss chocolate or something?) at a recipe site... Anyways, if you take the quiz, you'll know what I mean. They don't even pretend a guy could possibly be taking it, even though I bet they wouldn't mind if a guy decided that Raspberry Almond M&Ms sounded pretty good. Poor Josh is still sucked into the website making an avatar (I told him I didn't even want to know, heh) but hopefully he'll escape soon.

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