Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Massive Sci-Fi Geekery Underway

Star Trek? Check. Battlestar Galactica? Check. Lost? Check. Heroes? Working on it. Babylon 5? Check. Doctor Who? You BET! How could I not? Anyways, so I got this job community managing at 42blips, a Sci-Fi social news site, and not only am I fresh off finishing up Firefly with Josh, but we sort of meant to steer towards Battlestar Galactica, anyhow. I can't wait! Now it's like I have a professional excuse to be a total junkie. Just gotta make sure there is time for videogames as well...

My foot is still hurt, so not playing tennis should making finding time for all of this pretty easy, but then the trick will be finding time for tennis again.

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