Saturday, September 06, 2008

The 18th Street Block Party

I went, but I did not take any pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!

Perhaps I should have, but sadly, you will not get your visual fill of this event from me.

Actually, I didn't last very long. My main objective was to buy a meal ticket for some "Fulton Valley chicken grilled under a brick with a Tuscan bread salad." What is bread salad, you may ask? It turns out to be this delicious greens, tomatos, onions affaire with, instead of croutons, soggy bread. I may sound like I'm being snarky, or something, but that soggy bread was actually quite delicious. You might instead call it "marinated" or "soaked" or something, but soggy just fits the texture so well.

Lots of people milling around. A pig being rotisseried before our very eyes. Dancing children. Free yerba mate soda and apple samples. Two police officers taking away a guy in a khaki vest that said, "CIA SWAT" on it.

The Psychotherapists were on stage, and turned out to actually be a bunch of young kids, like middle school? Oh, silly me, here is their myspace. They sang about giant robots, cannibalistic monkeys, and a nerd named Hector. It was a good backdrop for carving up my chicken with a compostible fork and knife. They wrapped up right as I wrapped up and then my options were either dessert or...

Well, see, that's the thing. I realized I could go home and play more Mother 3 while enjoying a rootbeer float (without spending more dollars) and the hot hot hot sunny sunny hot hot sunny outing came to an abrupt end :D Worth going, though. It's on until 4 if you're in the hood.

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