Sunday, September 07, 2008

"The Latest Rig"

For whatever reason, this became the in-joke among Andrew's friends from high school after one of them asked me if I had it. I was at Andrew and Heather's wedding reception today at the Lafayette Park Hotel. Pretty nice place. Had a classical quartet playing in the courtyard, sparkling apple cider, tasty beef and plenty of veggies for lunch with a chocolate fountain and assorted dippers for dessert rather than cake because the cakes they tried "didn't taste like anything." Plus chocolate fountains are just more fun.

It was nice to see them, as I hadn't in a while. I didn't know anyone else there, but was welcomed into the high school pals crowd and even given a ride back to the BART. (I cabbed it on the way.) There were some little kids running around, too, dancing a bit, which was funny because Andrew and Heather were very insistent there not be dancing at the party, but the kids were allowed because they were tiny.

Andrew's sister seems really interesting. She wrote a book but I can't remember the title. Has to do with Japanese night clubs, or something. I should read it...after I ask him to remind me what it's called.

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