Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Things of the Day

As of yet unnamed X-mas present:

Isn't he cute? The boy gave him to me so neither of us has to miss pine trees so much. He is a quite prickly and needs plenty of water.

Had my job interview. I'd say it was ok overall. I looked nice, anyhow. I think other than a bit of a low point in the middle, things were fine. Ended strong. Managed to recognize the kanji for legendary, even (which, could it have been a TEST????) Hopefully things will turn out OVERWHELMINGLY IN MY FAVOR. That would be nice.

It's really weird being asked hard questions by people you have met in social situations. I will say that. Especially when they are really hard questions to which you have no idea how to reply even though you could DO what they are ASKING. I think I said something later when I was talking about this like, "I know what you want me to say, but there isn't really a way to say it. It's something you DO, not something you SAY." Kinda yoda, but I think it makes the point. Some of the questions seemed like things that are intangible but quite evident, and don't really need explanations, like...how I would approach a certain project. That is probably something that evolves as you gain experience, at least I would imagine.

I dunno. I don't mean to sound so venomous here. I'm not like...upset or anything. It's just really frustrating to KNOW you can DO what they want, but not be able to explain quiet why...I guess. It really knocks down your, "I can! I can! I can!" message to answer, "I don't know."


Soul Calibur III silliness XD


Seth said...

What if you name him spike because he is kinda pokey?

Emily said...

Nah, he needs something more sophisticated.

Anonymous said...

For some reason, the name Pablo springs to mind. Vincent might also be appropriate, since Bonsai trees always looked like something out of a Van Gogh painting.