Thursday, January 11, 2007

I made a thing

Banana-Walnut, with oatmeal. Not sure if they cooked all the way through. They were supposed to be scones, but the recipe was imprecise on the amount of milk to add, so they got too wet. Rather than add more flour and risk losing some of the banana-walnut-iness, I just did like...drop biscuits or whatever, instead. My mistake was that when I changed aim I did not change the pan prep, so the cookie sheet is hurting right now. Should've greased it instead of flouring... This sheet is pretty beat to hell anyhow. Not sure why. Should ask my mom where to get a tough one.

I had a biscuit-scone thing. It was quite tasty. I just hope they actually cooked all the way through. I imagine the moistness is due to the banana and being fresh out of the oven...

Hmm, second batch can't be completed due to burning first batch residue...ah well. We'll try again sometime.

PS: This recipe except I used the 1% milk we had (and too much of it, obviously) and didn't use a food processor. Also substituted about 3/4 (nearly a) cup of chopped (and rolling pinned) walnuts for half of the oatmeal. Yum! I bet it would be good with half wheat flour.

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