Thursday, January 04, 2007

Final Grades and other unrelated news

Well, they're posted. A- in Asto and US Politics, A in everything else.

I mailed a box today.

I also did some laundry. We don't seem to have enough room for our clothes.

Just e-mailed for some furniture on craigslist. Hope we get it!

Hum hum...

oh and I'll be back in O-town on the 18th for some lame medical business.



spades said...

mucahulabho phd.

Slightly nuts!!!! said...

Congratulations Emily

BadMonkey said...

Yay! Well done Tiger! So that's it then, college over? Blimey, doesn't time fly eh? I like your bonsai by the way, very nice. If he needs a name, how about Leonard? It has a certain weight and dignity doesn't it? Or I suppose you could call him Douglas, as that at least is a type of fir. Or you could always name him Steve, that's a very portentous name (at least for a hedge... if you've seen Over The Hedge you'll know what I mean!).
Hope we can talk soon!