Monday, January 01, 2007


Well, it's a new year and I have no intention of posting a retrospective over the past one because I tried that for my last day of college and it was abominable and hence removed.

Had a good night playing Soul Calibur 3 (one of my X-mas presents from Scotty) until midnight. One of Scott's old friends stopped by for dinner and left just a little before the new year, which is just as well since I was, for some reason, extremely cold and quite tired. Pretty much zonked out after a celebratory smooch.

That, of course, means that I'm up at quarter to 8 wondering what I'm supposed to be doing. I feel like I have big plans, but I really don't, heh. I added some links in the sidebar, but I feel more like I should start culling things. It's not really accurately reflecting what I read, or even what I SHOULD read, anymore @_@ Become a bit overgrown...

Speaking of growing, Scotty also got me a bonsai for X-mas, which will surely be an adventure. Luckily my dad is pretty much THE go-to guy on plants, and I think he actually mentioned that he had been reading up on bonsai recently, so that pretty much rocks. Won't be quite so out of my depth. It's very cute, and sits in the window by the video games.

We CLEANED. This past weekend we turned the entire apt upside down. All that is left is dishes and laundry, certainly minor in comparison to the sheer amount of dust we swept up. Our bookshelf is overflowing and we still need a couch, but the place looks really great, and a lot bigger, too. The alcoves aren't full of junk, anymore, so the rooms have really opened up.

I need to make sure I get at least a bit of Japanese in everyday, which I'm thinking will come in the form of half gaming-half studying. I study to game and I game to study, rock! Anyhow, now that I'm thinking about that I should probably get to it, so ;p Maybe I'll putz with my links some more later. Probably the solution will end up being not deleting so much as just reading if there is time in the day.

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