Monday, January 29, 2007

My New Job

Yay. I now have some semblance of a life (where I do work and don't just sit around playing video games and loving the boy) :D

I freelance for 1Up AND cashier for Nijiya Market.

Nijiya Market is the Japanese supermarket in J-town. There are smaller stores, but this is THE one. In addition to cashiering the best and improving my Japanese, I intend to shop there a lot and learn to cook (more) Japanese food.

To that end I have been searching for a good Japanese cookbook filled with recipes for everyday cooking and not just like...sushi and tempura. I think I found one! Let's Cook Japanese Food Everyday, in addition to having a very exciting-looking table of contents (at least as far as the tofu/egg section I was allowed to browse in the Amazon window thing), has exactly the right kind of title. Notice the optimistic ganbare spirit!!! This could be a sign on an elementary school wall (if said school were peculiarly devoted to cooking Japanese food...) Good signs. Correct signs. I'm totally buying this book.

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