Friday, June 20, 2008

yawn yawn

Well, there is more J-blog to come (AND more study blog, I haven't forgotten...)

First, I am just wondering how bad it is for me to sleep on my couch. Honestly, if I didn't have to get a new futon life would be so grand. Wouldn't have to worry about all the space it would take up, either. I'd like to get a decent tri-fold one, but they are expensive. How much cooler would it be to just sack out on my couch? (Answer: Not cool.) I guess I should just spring for a foam mattress or something. At some point. For right now, though, I'm just enjoying being able to see the floor of my room for once, so...couch it is.

Second, tomorrow is going to rock. I'm getting some fun assignments from GamePro, meeting a new tennis partner, and then going out for Little Star (deep dishshshshshshshsh) pizza with Oleya. I got sunscreen so I won't get burned.

Third of all, the day after that is Saturday, and I get a breakfast date. Isn't that what I always wanted? (Answer: Yes, yes it is.)

Now I just need my computer online and my HD tv not busted. Yes! Soon, soon all of these things...or at least something ;D

I bought some pretty decent cinnamon cereal yesterday--turns milk into psuedo-Horchata. Pretty rock!

Annnnd yeah, bedtime it is. How did I even manage to stay up this long? I'm sorta hungry, but...*yawn yawn*

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Anonymous said...

Hmm...have you ever considered going to Ikea or somesuch and getting a lofted bed? All the beddiness of a real bed-bed, with none of the lost floor space. You could even put your couch underneath the bed, so the TV/compy/etc. would still be in full view from couch AND bed! Sort of like my apartment, except not built in.