Monday, June 23, 2008

I want a t-shirt

with いつでもSMILE FOR YOU on it. And maybe a smile. Like, I want this really bad. Ideally designed by someone with a flair for amazing t-shirt design, but without incorporating any source material. I.e. I'd like the quote taken out of its original context and simply placed nicely with a super happy font on a t-shirt that fits me perfectly. That would be so rad.

Failing that, I guess I'd like to go to bed at some point and wake up at some point and finish reviewing Arkanoid DS. By which I mean go to floor, wake up entirely too early, and...well, I'm definitely going to finish Arkanoid tomorrow. I should really do something (more) about my room. The posters are up, but that doesn't solve the floor space issue. I tried putting together the shelves the other day, but I am a weakling who cannot force the power drill with quite enough umph to get it done.


Incidentally, my post titling yesterday was foreshadowing. Today I did actually get to play tennis, with Martin. Same guy I played with originally, the day after he came to visit Koji, and Oleya was a bit late. Anyhow, so we played, but I must be holding my racket weird because it was putting undue pressure on the...for lack of the correct term...ball of my index finger? Like the balls of your feet only the balls of your hand. Anyhow, it was hurting pretty badly, and as Martin says you should really just quit at that point, so I did, but it was majorly disappointing. I mean, aside from swimming and biking which are less than feasible, tennis is one active thing I really like to do (aside from you know...hiking around town, but that requires a separate purpose whereas tennis I can just do like a happy puppy to chase the ball around. W00t! Ace motivation!) So I really hope I can resolve this somehow. I was looking around some websites for grip descriptions. Maybe I can find one and practice. Or maybe somehow I grew since high school and my hands are unsuitable for tennis rackets.

I doubt it.

After tennis we hung out with Josh at the apt for a while, playing Rock Band, and a simple but fun fantasy card game. Eventually we went out for some pretty good Indian. Josh knows all the restaurants in the area, so he's always good for a food recommendation. And we live in one of the best areas for food. So! Rock. I had spinach with chicken. I can't get enough Indian spinach and naan. Seriously. It had been too long.

In other news, I am rapidly becoming caught up on Naruto, which is exciting. I'm on chapter 341, wheras they have just recently scanlated 405, or something? If I keep going at the pace I'm at I should be caught up in the next 2-3 days. And then I can read the ACTUAL BOOKS I'M TRYING TO READ--hurr hurr hurrrrrrr.

Summer ended last night, which is a pity. All my friends are so happy, though, so I guess it's a matter of the greater good. I can't help but hope that wasn't really all the heatwave we'll get, but it's back to normal San Francisco weather for now. Gotta bust the jackets back out *Sigh sigh*


op said...

i wasn't late, you guys started playing super early! :P

Emily said...

MMMMMM we were early, BUT you were also like a half hour late. We began to wonder if you were coming ;D It doesn't matter. I'm just being a goob ;D