Sunday, June 22, 2008

Tennis issues

I really want to build up to playing everyday, but shit man, I can't even get every other. Canceled on the other day, canceled on for tomorrow. What a bummer.

The bright side is that breakfast date was some kind of fancy success. Not quite "wild" I don't think, but some kind of fancy.

Maybe if nothing else I will work on my serve tomorrow. And then eat leftover Little Star.

There are lots of tourists in the city now. I was having a discussion about this the other day... One of the reasons it's cool to live in a place where other people go on vacation (in addition to it just being straight-up radtastic) is that it's like saving up tourism credit. You put up with them stopping in the middle of the sidewalk for pictures or whatever, and then you don't have to feel bad when later sometime you have to stop in the middle of someone else's sidewalk. Well, you still do, but at least you are mindful. I think it probably makes you a better tourist. I hate being a tourist haha but who doesn't, I guess.

Well, some people might not. I am familiar with such a small small segment of humanity. I'm sure there must be thousands of people who really go in for tourism.

I guess maybe I am rambling because it's 2:30 in the morning, but really I think it's more so I can put off setting up/down my futon a little longer. The room is not quite finished yet. Although it is further than it was. Tomorrow, yes, some solo tennis and work and room arranging is probably in order. Maybe laundry. Mundane anxieties, that sort of thing. Ah, Sunday.

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