Sunday, June 01, 2008

Fresh and new summer

June always feels like summer to me already. I guess because school alway ended right away, even though it's never really summer until, what, the 21st?

My grandpa is 83 today. I called him before I even got out of bed; he said, "I made it!" Admittedly, I only thought of it because my mom had woken me up a couple hours earlier by calling me and telling me. 83! There is a nice lunch at Grandma and Grandpa's house on the lake at home. Sounds really nice. Wish I could've gone.

This was my last ever night in this place in Glen Park. My stuff is all packed in groery bags and duffles and swag backpacks. You can't walk across the floor. I don't really have any food left here, so I walked to a cafe near the grocery store for a bagel with cream cheese and peanut butter. I thought of buying a smoothie, but it turns out that place makes them with...syrup. Eww. I can't even imagine a smoothie made with fruit syrup. It sounds absolutely disgusting. I grabbed some orange juice instead.

On the way back I picked up this month's fast pass, which has terrific colors: strawberry kiwi!! Best colors yet, I think, except for maybe the purple and "gold" (Go Cooney!) The lady tried to sell me one for $10, which I guess is how much the "youth" pass costs. I still feel sort of "youth," myself, and I probably could've gotten away with it, except you know, sometimes they check IDs and things on Muni and that probably wouldn't have gone over well.

I watched 1Up's RSVP special when I got back. I completely approve--what a good idea. As a bonus, I just heart Jonathan Mak. I've heard him talk a couple times and I love the way everything he says is so genuine and thought-out. Plus he's adorable. As sooooon as I get a PS3, it's Everyday Shooter for me.

So those are the mundanities. The real news is that I'm moving today, which has probably been gathered by comments made in this post and in previous posts, but yeah, the van should be here in less than an hour. Excited about my new digs in the Mission. I've been spending an awful lot of time there, anyhow, between Oleya and Louis and Aislinn, so having a home base there will be convenient. Plus I'm psyched to spend more time with my new roomie, get to know him better. We were just barely friends, more like acquaintences, so I hope neither of us have unexpected annoying habits haha

The even bigger news is that I'm heading to Japan for work in about a week. GamePro is having me cover a press event in Shibuya for just one day, but my dad said he will help me tag on some vacation. I might try to finagle my way up to Hokkaido to run around with my friend Three, too. Depends. All the plans have to come together really quick.

I guess for a return to the mundane...

it's June. I skimmed last year's posts for June and can't really believe it's been a year. My Japanese hasn't gone anywhere despite all of my ramblings about how much I'm going to study (obviously because I haven't been studying.) I'm hoping that feeling at home (eventually, I hope...really crossing my fingers) and having a desk (yes, I'm finally unpacking it) will help me pick up a serious habit. I think it'll be better for work, too. But yeah, last year I was still at Scotty's house, I guess out of Nijiya already (but for some reason I thought I was there until July...guess not), doing the WCities thing. Hadn't met Oleya yet. Hadn' much hadn't happened yet, the whole past year, hurr ;p Time has been slipping away in a great streaking blur, especially the past couple of weeks with some all nighters and so much Age of Conan.


Oh, I started playing tennis with the craigslist crew. My first meet-up was yesterday with a photographer named Tim. We played a bit, but he pulled a hamstring, so we had to call it early. I feel sort of bad because we probably should've stretched more. I think I may have rushed the process inadvertently.

*ramble ramble* June! June, June, June...

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