Thursday, June 05, 2008

Thursday for the ages

Today was pretty epic:

First of all, I had a wicked groovy date with an extremely handsome fellow whom I like very much so far. Tried a different Mexican joint and lounged around the park. Beautiful weather. Lots of doggies and tennis players and fellow loungers.

Second of all, I went to the GamePro company shindig where I met the interns, hung out with my editors, ran into some other familiar faces, ate BBQ, drank half a beer, and listened to a cover band wearing crazy wigs.

Third of all! I grabbed a cab ride with a colleague to the 1C party where I nibbled some Russian hors d'oeuvre, played some Russian video games, and left pretty early.

Instead of doing laundry, I went shopping for gifts. I think I'm pretty set. I may need to pick up one more thing, but I might actually make it ok with what I have. So that's good. Tomorrow can be laundry day instead.

Still can't believe I'm going to Japan on Saturday. It probably won't sink in until I'm somewhere over the Pacific Ocean, possibly asleep... Man, craziness @_@

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