Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Things I'm Reading (10/6/2013)

Here are the things I'm reading outside of stuff I do at/for work:

きつねのはなし (I missed him so much even though he was there all along)

文学のレッスン (because someone said it's "easy-to-understand")

裸でベランダ/ウサギと女たち (which is kind of lonely because I'm used to aurally mainlining his poems)

The readings from this Introduction to Theory of Literature that I can scrounge up.

Back issues of nautil.us.

I'm considering getting a Kindle so I don't have to think anymore about how to acquire books in English. The back of 文学のレッスン has a reading list that I'd like to pick my way through, but I'm certainly not going to read Japanese translations of everything.

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